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The Mary Poppins books are a series of children's books written by P.L. Travers and first published in 1934. The series follows the adventures of Mary Poppins, a magical English...
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The Mary Poppins books are a series of children's books written by P.L. Travers and first published in 1934. The series follows the adventures of Mary Poppins, a magical English nanny who travels to London to care for the Banks children. With her practical and no-nonsense approach to child-rearing, Mary Poppins uses magic to bring excitement and adventure into the lives of the children she cares for.

The first book in the series, Mary Poppins, was followed by four sequels: Mary Poppins Comes Back, Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Mary Poppins in the Park, and Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane. The books are known for their imaginative storytelling, memorable characters, and charming illustrations and have become classics of children's literature.

The Mary Poppins books have been adapted into a variety of media, including a popular musical film released in 1964 and a 2018 movie musical, "Mary Poppins Returns." The character of Mary Poppins has become an iconic figure in popular culture, known for her magical abilities, her sensible approach to child-rearing, and her signature umbrella.

The Mary Poppins books offer a timeless message about the importance of imagination, wonder, and the power of love, and they continue to be beloved by children and adults alike. Whether through the original books or through the various adaptations, the story of Mary Poppins continues to capture the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

Titles In This Set 

  1. Mary Poppins
  2. Mary Poppins in the Park
  3. Mary Poppins Opens the Door
  4. Mary Poppins Comes Back
  5. Mary Poppins in the Cherry Tree Lane and the House Next Door



Mary Poppins

The original best-loved classic about the world's most famous nanny Mary Poppins. When the Banks family advertises for a nanny, Mary Poppins and her talking umbrella appear out of the sky, ready to take the children on extraordinary adventures. Mary Poppins is strict but fair, and soon Michael and Jane are whisked off to a funfair inside a pavement picture and on many more outings with their wonderful new nanny! Needless to say, when at last, the wind changes and she flies away, the children are devastated. But the magic of Mary Poppins will stay with the Banks family forever. The original story of the world's most famous nanny, Mary Poppins, is a timeless classic that has enchanted generations.

Mary Poppins Comes Back

Mary Poppins returns to Cherry Tree Lane, and adventures are sure to follow! The second book in the original Mary Poppins series. On sailed the curious figure, its feet neatly clearing the tops of the trees. They could see the face now, and the well-known features coal-black hair, bright blue eyes, and a nose turned upwards like the nose of a Dutch doll. The figure drifted down between the lime trees and alighted primly down upon the grass. Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins! They cried and flung themselves upon her.

Mary Poppins Opens the Door

Mary Poppins is back in the third book in the classic series. Up in the sky, a tiny spark hovered and swayed in the darkness. What could it be? Still, they waited. And still, the spark grew ever larger and brighter. Then suddenly, Jane caught her breath. And Michael gave a gasp. Down came the spark, growing longer and wider. And as it came, it took on a shape that was strange and also familiar. Out of the glowing core of light emerged a curious figure, a figure in a black straw hat and a blue coat trimmed with silver buttons.

Mary Poppins in the Park

Things happen to the Banks children when they go to the park with Mary Poppins. Strange things, funny things, unexpected things: nothing is ever straightforward with Mary Poppins, and it's never boring, either! Mary Poppins, neat and prim in her blue skirt and a new hat trimmed with a crimson tulip, looked at them over her knitting. She was sitting bolt upright against the tree, with a plaid rug spread on the lawn around her. Her handbag sat tidily by her side. And above her, from a flowering branch, the parrot umbrella dangled. She gave a little sniff. The stories in this collection happened during all three of the visits Mary Poppins made to the Banks family. Jane and Michael are never quite sure whether what happens to them in the Park is just a dream or not; things are never straightforward with Mary Poppins!

Mary Poppins in the Cherry Tree Lane and the House Next Door

Two slim volumes are now published as one, with plenty of stories about the world-famous nanny! Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane: Going to the Park for a supper picnic proves to be more than just the expected treat when Mary Poppins is around! The strangest people turn up, and Jane and Michael have a wonderful time. Mary Poppins and the House Next Door: Luti, the child who comes to live at No. 18 Cherry Tree Lane with Mr. Banks' much-feared elderly Governess, longs to go home to the South Seas. So Mary Poppins takes him and the Banks children on a spectacular trip to the Man-in-the-Moon.

About the Author:

P.L. Travers, born Helen Lyndon Goff in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, in 1899, was an author and playwright best known for her series of Mary Poppins books. Travers was the youngest of three children and grew up in a family of actors, where she developed a love for the stage and storytelling.

She began her writing career as a journalist, working for various newspapers and magazines in Australia and England. In 1934, she published the first book in her Mary Poppins series, which quickly became a best-seller and established her as a talented and imaginative children's author. The series of books, which follows the adventures of a magical English nanny, became beloved classics of children's literature and have been translated into numerous languages and adapted into several successful films and stage productions.

In addition to her work as an author, Travers was also a talented playwright, writing and producing several successful plays in London and New York. Throughout her life, she was known for her wit, intelligence, and passion for storytelling, and she remained a prominent figure in the literary world for many years.

Travers passed away in 1996 at the age of 96, leaving behind a legacy of timeless stories that continue to captivate audiences of all ages. Her Mary Poppins books have become an enduring part of popular culture and have introduced generations of children to the joys of imaginative storytelling and the power of magic. P.L. Travers remains one of the most beloved and influential children's authors of the 20th century, and her work continues to be celebrated and enjoyed by readers all over the world.

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Mary Poppins 5 Books Children Collection Paperback Set By P L Travers
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